Hopefully, Arrieta won't be feeling the pressure tonight

So Jake Arrieta has been with the Orioles five days now and he has seen the team win one game and he started that game. No pressure Jake. Actually I hope the confidence he exudes is there again tonight and that he does not feel any extra pressure to perform vs. the Giants. Hope he is not aware of this stat: Over the last 18 games the Orioles have one win by a starter and that was his win Thursday vs. the Yankees. It's his second Major League start and, on this team, he's already become one of their top starters and perhaps a stopper as well. As in stop the losing. That is too much to ask a young pitcher to deal with. Hope he can just enjoy the moment and let his outstanding pitches do their thing, without the burden to lift this awful club out of the doldrums. By now he's also figured out that you better not give up many runs or you have no chance out there with this offense. These are pressures that no young pitcher should have to worry about. Heck, right now, these pressures may also be among the factors that have led a veteran and real pro like Kevin Millwood to his recent struggles. The O's are so bad this year that they are even dragging down their players that are good. Let's think about that. Millwood is now slumping. Matusz went through a stretch where he gave up six runs three times in a four-start stretch. Wigginton is still stuck on 13 homers. It can't be easy for any player getting his first chance at this level to put it all together under those circumstances. Arrieta sure got everyone's attention with some quality pitches last week. Hopefully this team and this year's Nightmare on Camden Street won't drag him down too. Feel free to send in any comments and questions again before and during the game tonight on this blog or any new ones I get inspired to write the rest of the evening/morning. Let's hope for a few more hours of fun like last Thursday.

Tillman to 'pen for now
Tonight's lineups

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