If Guthrie knew why.......

He gave up so many runs in the first two innings of his starts this year, he'd fix the problem. Because it has been a season-long issue for him. Coming into tonight, where he allowed two runs in the second to Oakland, Guthrie had given up 36 runs in the first two innings of his starts and 46 in all other innings. That's 43.9 percent of his runs allowed in those two innings. Last year, he gave up 109 runs all year and 27 came in the first two innings. That's 24.7 percent. That still seems like a high number, but it's not 44 percent. So what is the issue. Does Guthrie not warm up enough? Does it take him a while to get his velocity up to full speed? Should he eat pancakes for breakfast? Chicken for dinner? Who knows, but as Guthrie looks at his troubles this season, it all can't be attributed to the longball. His inability to get through those opening innings has been a big, big problem.

Tonight's pitchers: Guthrie vs. Gonzalez
Rain delay anyone?

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