In the quiet of the Orioles clubhouse...(with Matusz video)

A few players talked about the O's latest loss, 8-6 to Tampa in 10 innings. Matt Albers on what happened in the 10th inning: "I think my mechanics are a little bit off. I walked the first two guys and put myself in a hole. I knew I had to throw a strike 2-1 and 2-2 to Pena. I need to work on a few things to get my sinkerball down. "All the losses sting, but this one, we were up 3-0. Come back and lose it is tough. The game's over so I have to come back and be ready tomorrow." Albers was disappointed to walk the first two hitters in the 10th: "You can't walk guys. You can't give in to the good hitters, but can't walk them either. It's a fine line. I know for myself I have to be more aggressive early in the count and make them hit the ball." Brian Matusz on the string of tough losses: "We're playing hard one through nine. You could see it with Luke's homer. We're just coming up short and have to battle through this. "I felt comfortable out there today. I was able to relax and throw a lot of strikes and work fast. The changeup was a great strikeout pitch today but the other pitches help set that up."
Brian Matusz talks with the media about his outing in the O's 8-6 loss

Matusz on what changed in the 8th inning: "I still felt good going out in the 8th. A couple of hits went through the hole. That will happen with a team like Tampa. They put hits together at the right time but I still felt strong in that last inning. Look back on it, maybe like to throw some different pitches but I still felt good overall. "It was really nice to get a standing ovation from the crowd, they showed their support. That made me feel pretty good." Matusz on a very strong first seven innings: "I felt really dialed in today with Matt. We were on the same page, just everything, I was getting ahead in the count. I guess you could say that's the best I've felt." Ty Wigginton on the deflating losses: "I think it's our job as players to look at more of the big picture and know it's a long season. It's not a lot of fun on this side, be we are playing hard and good baseball. If we keep playing this style of ball, in the end everything will be good."

Post-game notes: O's fall to 1 and 7
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