Is a roster move coming?

Tigers Woods withdrew from The Players Championship because he has a bulging disk. I know what you're thinking. Stop it. So, is that different from a herniated disk? Which one is worse? Is it more painful to hit a tee shot or a fastball? So many questions, so little time. I'm hearing strong rumblings that the Orioles will make a roster move today. I figured it might happen before tomorrow night's game. Either way, I think a change is coming. Lou-Montanez_Home-Tall.jpg I'll go back to Corey Patterson, who's batting .367 with four doubles, two RBIs, three stolen bases and an .864 OPS in 12 games at Triple-A Norfolk. He's carrying a nine-game hitting streak. He's batting .390 vs. right-handers. He's also a career .252 hitter in 10 major league seasons. Fans who want to insult Adam Jones refer to him as Corey Patterson. It isn't all good. Attendance won't spike at Camden Yards if Patterson replaces Lou Montanez on the roster, but he's swinging a hot bat and has a good glove. I remember some teammates being critical of Patterson's routes to fly balls during his first stop here, but I always thought he had a solid reputation throughout the leagues as a center fielder. Montanez didn't play in the Twins series and is hitting .114 in 35 at-bats. His roster spot is in jeopardy, though he didn't exactly hurt the offense from his seat on the bench. Luke Scott went 2-for-7 with a home run in the last two games. That qualifies as a hot streak. It also left him with a .186 average - not good for a designated hitter. The Orioles scored one run in their last two games and 17 on the road trip, but at least they get to face Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez in the Seattle series. It just keeps getting better.

Where in the Yard? (Updated w/Answer)
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