Jordan expects some over-slot signings

Well, with all the stories I have written in the last week or so on the draft, believe it or not, in reviewing some of my notes, I actually found some comments from scouting director Joe Jordan that I have not yet published. So let's clean out this quote book once and for all. I asked Jordan if he expects to sign players to over-slot contracts as the O's did with a few picks in the 2009 draft? "I expect to have the ability to do whatever we feel like we need to do. There is a budget, there always is. But we've done a good job of spreading the risk out and this year won't be any different. These guys have always given me everything I've asked for, basically." The Orioles spent 8.7 million total on draft picks last year and I asked if they would spend more this year. "I don't know. I expect to spend a lot more, but who knows if I will," Jordan said with a laugh. "We'll have a full budget like we always do. "I didn't envision at this time last year (a few days before the draft), doing everything that we did (in 2009). Those answers come in the final days of your meetings. What guy will fall because of money and are we ready? We'll get to that and try to identify some of those guys and do it again." Heading into the draft Jordan didn't see any more risk whether he took a college or high school player with the third pick. "Usually with players taken this highly, there is a pretty good success rate. There are examples on the other side of it, high school or college. I'm not hung up one way or the other. "I like taking college players. You know if I had Matt Wieters there or Matusz, I would feel great about that." Jordan keeps team president Andy MacPhail advised of what he and his staff plan and do leading up to the draft, but Jordan is the one in the end making the draft picks. "It will be my decision. But I recognize that Andy has been in the business for a long time and worked with a lot of scouting directors. He has a great insight for me and a different perspective as I lay things out for him. "It's my decision, but I get input from others in our organization. John Stockstill has done my job. John and I have talked a few times and he's been very good about stepping back and giving me an objective opinion. "Yeah, I'll make the call but with input from a lot of different people, mainly my staff. But there are some very good resources in our organization and I'm not too big to draw on any of them." I also asked Jordan to rate this draft overall. "I think it's a good draft, not a great draft. I'm glad we are picking high. I like the options there vs. maybe if we're in the middle or toward the end of the round. "There are a lot of arms. In most people's minds, it's probably not as heavy on college position players and left-handers are little light in sheer numbers. But it's a good draft, we'll see." The Orioles first pick today will be the third selection in the third round, the 85th pick overall. Jordan has said he would prefer a college hitter with that selection unless a player the Orioles had rated high on their draft board falls and is available with that pick. The Orioles fourth-round pick will be the 118th overall selection and they will have every 30th pick after that. Today the draft resumes at Noon with clubs making picks for rounds two through 30. Wednesday the clubs conclude the draft with rounds 31 through 50.

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