Kieboom could join García playing winter ball in offseason

Manager Davey Martinez went over the offseason program he has been putting together for Luis García on Sunday, detailing work he wants the young second baseman to focus on.

Martinez says similar programs are being assembled for pretty much everyone on the roster.

"There are different programs for each individual player," Martinez said during the pregame Zoom video session with reporters. "We are going through all the stuff now, talking to strength coaches, trainers, trying to put together strength programs for them. Speed programs for them. Lifting. The biggest thing about the lifting: We want strength, we don't really want bulk. We want guys to get stronger but also be flexible and have good agility. Matt Eiden and Brett Henry, those guys are really good at building up a program during the winter."

Martinez emphasized flexibility as crucial to his players' development, and something he would like to see improved upon from 2020.

"I want to see these guys get a little bit lighter on their feet, quick feet, they got to have quick feet," Martinez said. "The biggest thing with that is hip flexibility. We want to make sure that their hips are flexible, especially those guys that play the infield."

"We will have all this stuff, we will have a package for them before they leave here and they'll get on it and soon as they deem they are ready to start their winter program and they can start working out."

Martinez had said he would prefer that García continue to get more at-bats with a stint in competitive winter league ball. He said the Nats' other top offensive prospect, Carter Kieboom, might play winter ball as well.

Thumbnail image for Kieboom-C-Throws-White-Sidebar.jpg"We will have individual exit meetings that I do with these guys," Martinez said. "We will talk to them. I am going to suggest that he maybe go and get some more at-bats this year, but we will see. Winter ball is not for everybody. Guys love doing it, (and some) guys would rather take the time off and get on a good regimen, workout program. We will see after I speak to him, and we will go from there."

The skipper conducts these exit interviews with all the players on the roster, and the goal is not just to go over the offseason workout programs.

"I talk to everybody," Martinez said. "I like to pick their brain. It's more about just having a conversation with them. See where they are at, see where their mind is at. Give them my thoughts and then let them leave here feeling good. I like to talk to each individual guy and want to thank them for their efforts. I think that is important they understand that we went through the season, things didn't work out the way we planned so far, but we will come back and do it again. Go out and have a good winter and get ready for 2021."

These end-of-season interviews fall in line with Martinez's open-door policy as a manager, and with the value he places on each player's ideas on how to help move the club toward its goals. And for a lot of injured Nats players, the offseason will be focused on rehabbing to full health as the club organizes and prepares for 2021 spring training.

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