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So here we go again with another Orioles game. Time to find out if the team can get a lead, get a clutch hit, hold a lead, get a win. It's the start of a three-city, ten-game road trip in Oakland. I'll be watching the game from the Melewski estate in beautiful Harford County. I hope you'll add some comments to this blog all night long and into tomorrow morning. Write in with a question or comment - your take on the game as it's going on, a story about going to O's games, tell us where you are taking in the game tonight. Just anything. Majors or minors. I'll try to answer every question as best I can. Start your comments and questions right now, you don't need to wait until game time. I'll check for them often. I'll keep adding my own comments on the game so check back here often and hit refresh often. Also check earlier stories I posted today on the minors and David Hernandez pitching tonight. Pre and In-Game Comments: 12:52: Well, that's it. A 6-2 final for Oakland. The Orioles are 1-9 with seven losses in a row. They looked lifeless tonight and had some terrible-looking at bats. Things got bleaker tonight if that is possible. But I do appreciate so many of you for chatting and we kept each other company. I'll scrape up some post-game notes over the next 20 minutes or so and then pack it in. Thanks everyone! 12:30: Hendrickson with two more scoreless. Has given up just 1 ER in 6 2/3 on year for a 1.35 ERA. So we've got that going for us. Mickolio now on in the A's 8th. Still 5-1 Oakland. 12:12: Good morning, East Coasters. Reimold in for Pie in left, who was favoring his shoulder while running the bases in the top of this frame. The good news just keeps coming. Lou Montanez anyone? 11:54: The O's left the bases loaded in the sixth. Tonight, they are 0 for 7 with RISP and have left eight men on. Over the last six games, they are 2 for 33 with RISP. 11:26: Jones looks so bad up there right now, I could see him sitting a game soon to get his act together. 11:18: The O's two errors in the last of the 4th matches their total of two errors for the first nine games. 10:51: O's don't work the count or get any hits in the top of the third. Markakis is 0 for 2 and still looking for his first RBI of the season. 10:42: It's 3-0 already. Now I'm expecting a bloop three-run double where three O's converge on the ball, dive for it and each misses it by two inches. 10:34: Well, 0 for 3 with RISP tonight makes the O's 2 for 29 in the last five games plus tonight's two innings. Can't get much more frustrating. 10:24: That was good to see the MRI on Mike Gonzalez showed no major damage, just wear and tear in his shoulder. He's expected to miss at least three weeks. As bad as he's been they still need to get him back and get him pitching well. His track record has been too good for his terrible start to be a season-long trend. A's lead 2-0 after one. 10:17: Great job by Davis to pull his hand back from the tag. I was sure Trembley was going to get ejected there and blow off some frustration. See, he does have fire. 10:12: Tejada robbed by Kouzmanoff as O's first ends. He has been robbed more than any O's hitter this year it seems to me. Could have been his 8th RBI and an early lead. 10:03: I've got a great stat for you. The Orioles lead the AL in caught stealing percentage at .833 to Minnesota's .800. Matt Wieters has caught 5 of 6 to Joe Mauer's 1 of 5. That is pretty strong stuff. I do believe that Wieters got credit for two caught stealing when Matusz picked off two runners. Need to check on that. With just two errors so far, the O's are secong in the league in fielding percent at .994. 9:56: Interesting stat they just showed on O's XTRA. Club has just 2 total RBI from the 1-2-3 hitters on the year, worst in the Majors. To me, Markakis has had some better swings in recent days. Maybe he is pulling out of it and will have a good game tonight. Let's watch him closely. 9:48: Delmarva did win 6-4 to get number 1,000 and Hobgood got the victory. The Shorebirds are now 6-2 on the year. 9:44: That was a nice piece by Amber about Jackie Robinson. I hope most of today's players, of all races, appreciate what he did for the game. 9:38: Delmarva leading Greensboro tonight 6-4 in the later innings. Matt Hobgood gave up two runs over 5 2/3. I'll have a story on Hobgood tomorrow, that will be interesting reading. If the Shorebirds win, it will be their 1,000th win in franchise history. 9:32: Joe Angel was on the O's Baltimore flagship station, 105.7 earlier tonight and said David Hernandez needed 45 tickets for tonight's game. He is from Sacramento and told me yesterday he really enjoys pitching in front of his family and friends and it does not add any pressure at all for him. Here are some pre-game notes: The O's stat with runners in scoring position is now just 10 for 66, which is an average of (.152). The O's are just 1 for 31 on the year with RISP and two outs. Yes, that is terrible. On the other hand, Felix Pie has six hits in his last nine at bats. Luke Scott is 4 for 11 during a four-game batting streak. Miguel Tejada has 6 RBI the last six games. Ty Wigginton is 6 for 14 during a four-game batting streak. Oakland started the year 6-2, but lost its last two games of the Seattle series. The A's got off to a torrid start on offense, scoring 27 runs the first five games. But the A's are hitting just .181 with 18 runs the past five games. Oakland's starting pitching ERA is second best in the AL to Texas. A's starters are 4-0, 2.72. Oakland leads the league with nine errors. The Orioles have lost six in a row at Oakland with their last win there coming July 22, 2007.
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