Luke Scott's take on fan criticism: "I'm frustrated too"

If you don't think the Orioles' players notice that the fans have been rather critical of their play so far, just check out the conversation I had with Luke Scott in the clubhouse today. In one sense he called out the fans for criticism of the team, but he also tried to explain his thoughts more in depth as well. Audio: Luke Scott sounds off on fan criticism to Steve Melewski

Here is what Luke said on the topic of fans criticizing the club over the 1 and 5 start. "Well, I mean, I can go to someone else's job and criticize them all they want and not have any type of knowledge or experience. I can talk all the smack I want, but that's why there has only been like 17,000 of us in the history of this game. It takes a special talent and special person to play this game. "People can sit there and badmouth. It's easy to hit on TV or press a button on a video game. Try to get out there and do it yourself. Fans who want to be negative and who want to point the finger, should take a self-examination and see if they could do it. "The only thing I say. You can criticize and question effort all day long. Talk all the smack you want about someone's effort. If they don't put in the effort and are lazy and don't put in the time, blow them up all you want. "But I don't think you should ever criticize anybody for working hard, coming prepared and doing their best at anything they do. Doesn't matter what you do. That's my stance on that." I asked Luke if he were calling the fans out with those comments. "I'm not calling out the fans, I do understand their frustration, but the point I want to make is, me and us as players, we're more frustrated then them. We're living it and it's hardest for us. I understand their frustration 100 percent. "I believe it's going to change. We're going to turn things around. You have to believe that. We come in here every day, we work hard and are prepared and are ready to do a good job. "Let me tell you something and you can print this. I'm right there with their frustration. I'm frustrated too, you know." Luke also felt too much was being made about the team's failure so far to produce much when batting with runners in scoring position. "Yeah, they should just leave it alone, it's part of baseball, you go through stretches like that. We are the ones out there living it, it's hardest for us. It's not like we don't care, we care more than anybody. It's our jobs, our livelihood. It's us as a team and hardest on us. "We've been pressing and trying too hard. Any human being would do that. When the dam breaks, it will be like a flood. "Last two years we started off pretty good and finished last in the division, so you can't throw all your chips in on the start. We have a good team and good players. Yes it's an uphill battle, especially in this division. "Our character and your strength are tried in these moments. These are things that in life and baseball you have to overcome."
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