Luke Scott talks about his defense in left field

The Orioles' addition of Vladimir Guerrero may unseat Luke Scott as the team's designated hitter, but it is not likely to take him out of the lineup. Scott is now expected to become the O's regular left fielder. In a telephone conversation tonight, Scott said he has heard the opinion that his left field defense is not up to par, but he doesn't share that view. "People have said that a lot in my career coming up. But that's what it is, an opinion" he said. "It's not supported by fact. The facts are that I play solid defense. I had a year in Houston when I got moved to right and had seven or eight outfield assists, threw a guy out at first base in 368 at-bats - you know, limited playing time. "I play a solid left field. I take good routes, I read hitters well and position myself well. I do have a good enough arm to throw guys out at the plate. I keep guys from stretching singles into doubles and hit the cutoff man and play fundamentally sound. There is not much else you can ask a guy to do." Is Scott motivated to prove his detractors wrong? "People have told me my whole career that I couldn't do things, that I was subpar in this, subpar in that. All I do is just go out and I work hard and play hard. The results speak for themselves," Scott said. "And I haven't even had a season where I have gotten 650 at-bats. No one has even given me that opportunity and I've been productive. People have their opinions, but facts are the facts."

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