"MASN All Access" podcast: Birds continue to struggle in cold weather

As we continue to wait for spring to arrive, Orioles fans are waiting for the O's offense to heat up as well.

What you don't have to wait any longer for is a new episode of the "MASN All Access" podcast. Paul and I discuss the possible effect the recent cold weather has had on the Orioles' bats. Did you know that out of 18 games played so far, only six have been played in temperatures of 60 degrees or warmer? And three of those six were in Houston, where cold doesn't exist and they have a retractable roof.

We're not making excuses, but that seems brutal for a team that is notorious for excelling in warm weather.

MAA-podcast-logo-sidebar.jpgBuck Showalter and Adam Jones certainly aren't making any excuses. We hear what the skipper and center fielder had to say about the sluggish offense in Detroit and their differing opinions on how the weather has played a role.

And who would have thought the Orioles' starting pitching would be a strength at this point in the season? Yes, colder weather always favors pitching, but Dylan Bundy has pitched like an ace, Andrew Cashner seems to have shaken off his first start, Kevin Gausman put together a quality start against the Tigers and Alex Cobb is just finding his wings as an Oriole.

We're holding out hope for the Birds while waiting for them to put together some complete wins, and we're asking you to do the same. Hopefully soon, the offense, defense, starting pitching and bullpen can come together and the Orioles can make a run at this thing.

And hopefully you're making a run to listen to this podcast before the Orioles' finale at Comerica Park. Check out the new episode of the "MASN All Access" podcast on SoundCloud below, and please rate, review, subscribe and share! The "MASN All Access" podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts and Google Play!

You can follow myself (@Bobby_Blanco) and Paul (@PaulMancano) on Twitter to give us your thoughts on the O's playing in cold weather and how they can put together some complete games. Tweet us your thoughts and questions, and feel free to submit them in the comments section below.

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