Maxwell undergoes Tommy John, eyes February return

Nationals outfielder Justin Maxwell underwent surgery to replace a ligament in his left elbow October 13. Maxwell says the famed Tommy John surgery will keep him out for four to six months. Maxwell injured his left elbow the last Saturday of the season in New York against the Mets when he dove for a catch in center field. He made the catch, but the next day his elbow didn't feel good. "I had injured my elbow before during spring training, but this time my elbow swelled up pretty bad," Maxwell said. "After an MRI, they told me I needed Tommy John." Maxwell has already started physical therapy and is wearing a robot-like brace on his left arm to protect his range of motion. Although six months would put him on the field in April, Maxwell believes he can be back to 100 percent by February. Maxwell has spent time working on maintaining his leg strength and continuing to work toward getting his range of motion back in his left elbow. My thoughts on Maxwell plus exclusive interviews with second baseman Steve Lombardozzi and Rick Schu now available at Sunday's show is at 6pm on Federal News Radio. Lombardozzi and Schu also give their updates on Bryce Harper's progress in Arizona.

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