Miggy's tip for Gonzalez

In addition to just lending support to a struggling teammate right now, Miguel Tejada has a suggestion for struggling closer Mike Gonzalez. Tejada was in the National League with Houston the last two years when Gonzalez was with Atlanta. He is 0 for 2 batting vs. the left-hander.
Miguel Tejada discusses the O's 7-6 loss to the Blue Jays with the media
"I don't have many at bats against Gonzalez because he's a lefty and I hit right handed. The last time I faced him he seemed to throw very hard inside. Now it looks like he is not throwing inside. I already told him that. He will probably look at the video and do a better job tomorrow," Tejada said. "I'm feeling for him and sorry for what just happened. We are teammates and we have to be behind him. Today it was him, tomorrow who knows who it could it be? "The only thing I told him is you have to be strong and go see the video and what he did wrong. Just come back tomorrow strong and put it behind you. Come back and do the job tomorrow." Gonzalez has suffered two blown saves in his first three O's appearances. Last year he suffered his first blown save in his third appearance of the year. He gave up two runs in three innings in those three games. He went on to save five straight for Atlanta before suffering his second blown save on May 12th. Last April, Gonzalez went 1-0, 4.32 and gave up 4 ER in 8 1/3. This year he has allowed 4 ER in two innings over his first three games.

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Remarks about the closer

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