Millwood comments on his outing

David Hernandez gave up two runs Saturday and lost the game. Today, Kevin Millwood allowed just one earned run and took the loss vs. Toronto. "I felt good, still felt strong in the eighth. Just got a couple of balls up that they put good swings on." Millwood said the two-out, Miguel Tejada error in the Toronto 8th that was followed by his yielding back-to-back homers did not impact him. "No, not at all. We're going to make errors, that's just how it is. Sometimes you have to pick those guys up, I wasn't able to do it," Millwood, who has an ERA of 2.13, said. Through seven innings, Millwood had thrown just 70 pitches and was working on a three-hitter with a 2-1 lead. "Early in the game, I was kind of struggling with my location, getting away with a few things. Then I kind of found it a little bit and started throwing the ball where I wanted to. Then, like I said, just got a couple of balls up in the eighth that they hit. "All in all, I feel like this was better than the first one and if I keep improving I'll be okay." Despite the fact the Orioles starting rotation ERA is 3.89 through six games, the club is 1-5 and was swept by Toronto. "I think we are playing pretty good baseball, we just haven't won enough games. We're not getting blown out, we've played solid defense and pitched pretty well. We just haven't come away with wins."

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Tejada talks about his error in the 8th

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