Millwood is searching for answers right now

Kevin Millwood entered his start today coming off back-to-back starts where he allowed six runs each. But this afternoon against the Mets, it didn't get better for Millwood. It got worse. He gave up two homers in the first inning and trailed 5-0 after just six hitters. "Just not throwing the ball where I need to. That's pretty much it. Hopefully, I'll figure something out between now and the next time and get back to where I was before," said Millwood, who is now 0-8 with a 5.16 ERA, said. Kevin-Millwood_Grey-Gloveonface-Tall.jpg He is trying to figure out why he has pitched to an ERA of 10.80 over his last three starts and 7.21 over his last seven starts. He admits he came into this outing not completely sure of himself. "A little confused, you know, I feel like I've been trying so many things. You know I have a million things running through my head instead of just trying to execute pitches. That's nobody's fault but my own, so hopefully I can kind of get a clear head and just go back to throwing the ball instead of worrying about my mechanics so much." Today, Millwood allowed 11 hits and eight runs (all earned) over 5 1/3 innings, throwing 96 pitches. He gave up three homers to the Mets and has allowed nine over his last four starts and 19 on the year to lead the Majors in homers allowed. "I'm frustrated because I'm not pitching well lately. That's pretty much all it is. You have to be able to leave some of that behind when you go out there and I feel like I've been carrying it with me to the mound and it makes it that much harder. "When things are not going well and you're not locating, there's a reason why. You try to figure that out and obviously I haven't figured it out yet." Millwood has lost his last eight decisions. Over the last three starts, covering 16 2/3, he has given up 20 ER and 31 hits, including seven home runs.

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