More Showalter-speak

I've transcribed a few more quotes from new manager Buck Showalter: "You look at every job like it's your last one. This is where you want to have your career end, on your own terms, but we all know that's real naïve. I've got it. But you roll the dice. You really do. And people who have trouble with that accountability don't last very long. You do what's right, you try to treat people like you'd like to be treated, and through it all, you know that somewhere along the line, someone may not be completely happy with that." "Mr. Angelos owns the team, he supports the team, and I know the passion and the energy that he has for it. I'm sure it's been very tough for him, knowing how competitive he is, because I've been there first-hand with the Yankees coming in here. I think a lot of people forget how competitive and how well-backed those teams were. Some of the things haven't worked out. I talked with him this morning before I came over here, telling him I appreciate his faith in me. It wasn't a long drawn-out conversation. He knows what's going on and I appreciate that. I'll never take that for granted, that he had other options and he and Andy (MacPhail) chose me. I take that very seriously." "I'm sure you all are a lot more aware of certain things, the past, but I haven't spent much time on that. I want to move forward and see what we have here and try to help Andy any way I can to make good decisions on personnel. The bottom line is the players, it's about who's got the best players. And you bring an energy and a passion for what you do. Putting yourself on the line is very exhilarating, but it can also be heartbreaking. We're ready for both." "Have you seen the movie Braveheart? Remember when Mel Gibson's up on the hill and he's got all the spears back there and they're outnumbered like 5-to-1, and they're charging up the hill and he's screaming at these guys, 'Hold, hold, hold.' And they're looking at him like, 'You've got to be kidding me.' Then at some point, he goes, 'Now." Pretty good scene. A little bloody. That's kind of the way it is. Until you're ready to go, 'Now'...I'd like for it to happen tomorrow or yesterday. I think when that time is now, I feel real confident that Mr. Angelos and the fans that support everything that helps us support the team will be there for us. When that is, that's going to be up to Andy, and at some point I may go, 'Now.' I hope that happens. But it's not always a financial thing that does it. Now it's about everybody pulling the same direction starting this day forward. Mel Gibson. Probably not a good name to bring up right now. Who else starred in that?" "I've done my homework. I love the town, the tradition, the people, the feeling. Everybody talks about the Cardinals in the National League, the fans and the people. There's just a certain quality and feeling to the culture there. And I feel the same way about Baltimore. It's a challenge. It's our challenge. It's not the people out there who are waiting to embrace us. You've got to give them something to embrace you about." "I just want our team to feel like when they go out, the only thing that's going to challenge them is are they physically and athletically talented enough to beat that team." "What we do from a competitive standpoint, you just want to be consistent with it and understand that we're trying to all get the same goal. And if someone doesn't share those goals, I'm sure they'll be comfortable playing somewhere else."

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