Nationals trivia quiz: Pitching

With not much news trickling out of South Capitol Street as the lockout enters its third week, I have to get a little creative around here to come up with story ideas. I've been trying to strike a balance between stories about those currently employed by the Nationals and those previously employed by them. And what better way to remember those who used to play around here than with some trivia?

Yes, it's time for a new round of Nats trivia. Today's quiz is all about pitching and features some of the most memorable names in club history as well as some names you really have to think about to recall.

There are 20 questions in total, and the answers are all listed at the bottom. So be careful not to scroll too far down the screen if you haven't made your final guesses yet.

Good luck!


1. Who holds the single-season record for wins with 21?

2. Who holds the club record for wins with 113?

3. Who holds the single-season record for losses with 16?

4. Who holds the club record for losses with 65?

5. Who holds the single-season record for relief appearances with 88?

6. Who holds the club record for relief appearances with 412?

7. Who holds the single-season record for innings pitched with 246 1/3?

8. Who holds the club record for innings pitched with 1,465 1/3?

9. Who holds the single-season record for saves with 47?

10. Who holds the club record for saves with 128?

11. Who holds the single-season record for lowest ERA (minimum 100 innings) at 2.41?

12. Has a starter ever reached the 10th inning?

13. What's the most pitches a starter has thrown in one game?

14. Who had the shortest start in club history?

15. What's the longest relief appearance in club history?

16. Name the eight pitchers who gave up 10 runs in a start.

17. Name the 11 pitchers who have hit a home run.

18. Name the seven position players who have pitched.

19. Who is the youngest pitcher in club history?

20. Who is the oldest pitcher in club history?


1. Gio González, 2012

2. Stephen Strasburg, 2010-present

3. Patrick Corbin, 2021, and Ramón Ortiz, 2006

4. González, 2012-18

5. Jon Rauch, 2007

6. Tyler Clippard, 2008-14

7. Liván Hernández, 2005

8. Strasburg, 2010-present

9. Chad Cordero, 2005

10. Cordero, 2005-08

11. Doug Fister, 2014

12. No

13. 150, Hernández, June 3, 2005, versus Marlins

14. Jason Marquis, zero innings, April 18, 2010, faced seven Brewers and did not retire any of them

15. Six innings, Ross Ohlendorf, July 21, 2013, in relief of Jordan Zimmermann versus Dodgers

16. Jerome Williams, Jason Simontacchi, Jason Bergmann, González, Jeremy Guthrie, A.J. Cole, Corbin, Joe Ross

17. Strasburg and Hernández (four), Gonzalez (three), Jon Lester, Max Scherzer, Cole, Tommy Milone, Mat Latos, Zimmermann, John Lannan, Ortiz

18. Clint Robinson, Tyler Moore, Mark Reynolds, Gerardo Parra, Brian Dozier, Brock Holt (twice), Hernán Pérez (twice)

19. Shairon Martis, 21 years, 158 days, on Sept. 4, 2008

20. Fernando Rodney, 42 years, 222 days, in Game 4 of the 2019 World Series

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