Nationals trivia quiz: Uniform numbers

It's time for another round of Nats trivia! If you didn't play along in our three previous installments, be sure to check out the quizzes on opening days, the postseason and club highs and lows.

This quiz is all about uniform numbers. How well do you know your Nationals based not on names or stats but the number on the back of their jerseys? This will test both your simple and your deep-cut knowledge.

Just to make one thing clear: Unless otherwise stated, all questions refer only to numbers worn by players (not managers or coaches) during the regular season.

And remember, the answers are listed at the bottom, so be careful not to scroll too far down before making your decisions. Enjoy!

1. What number did Ryan Zimmerman wear before switching to 11?

2. Which two Nationals players wore 11 before Zimmerman did?

3. What five players wore 34 before Bryce Harper did?

4. What three players wore 37 before Stephen Strasburg did?

5. Who wore 31 directly before Max Scherzer did?

6. What's the lowest number a Nationals player has ever worn?

7. What's the highest number a Nationals players has ever worn?

8. How many different numbers has Howie Kendrick worn for the Nationals?

9. How many Nationals players have worn 13?

10. Which numbers have the Nationals officially retired?

11. Who was the first player to wear 20 after Frank Robinson?

12. Which two players have worn both 30 and 32 for the Nationals?

13. What number has been worn by two different Nationals managers?

14. What's the lowest, non-retired number that has never been worn by a Nationals player?

15. What's the highest number worn by a Nationals player in the last decade?

16. How many different numbers were worn by Nationals players last season?

17. What number has been worn by more Nationals players than any other number? (BONUS: Name each player.)

1. 25

2. Junior Spivey and Jeffrey Hammonds (2005)

3. Tomo Ohka (2005), Travis Hughes (2005), Pedro Astacio (2006), Ray King (2007), Elijah Dukes (2008-09)

4. Travis Hughes (2006), Mike Bacsik (2007), Levale Speigner (2008)

5. Xavier Cedeño (2014)

6. 00 (Brandon Watson, 2005-07)

7. 99 (Collin Balester, 2010)

8. Three: 4 (2017), 12 (2018), 47 (2019)

9. Six: Antonio Osuna (2005), Robert Fick (2006-07), Álex Cintrón (2009), Alex Cora (2011), Jerry Blevins (2014), Asdrúbal Cabrera (2019)

10. 42 (Jackie Robinson)

11. Adam Kennedy (2010)

12. Koda Glover and Aaron Barrett

13. 5: Jim Riggleman (2009-11) and Davey Johnson (2011-13)

14. 66

15. 88: Gerardo Parra (2019)

16. 50

17. 26 (BONUS: J.J. Davis, Ramón Ortiz, Jerome Williams, John Lannan, Wily Mo Peña, Logan Kensing, Jesús Flores, Jeff Kobernus, Dan Uggla, Adam Lind, Trevor Gott, Dan Jennings)

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