Nationals trivia quiz: Opening day

The re-watch of the 2019 postseason has been a blast - thank you to everyone who has reached out to say how much they've enjoyed it - but it's also pretty time consuming. I mean, you really want me to watch an entire baseball game and then write a full article about it 17 times? What do you think I am, a baseball beat writer? (Wait, don't answer that question.)

Rest assured, the postseason re-watch will continue later this week with the National League Championship Series. Then after another couple days' break, we'll proceed to the World Series.

Scherzer-Fires-Blue-WS-G1-Sidebar.jpgIn between, I wanted to shake things up a little bit and write about some different topics. Like opening day. Which was supposed to take place tomorrow, with Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom squaring off at Citi Field. It's both strange and difficult to even ponder that right now.

I'll have some more deep thoughts about opening day - or the lack thereof - tomorrow morning. For today, I wanted to have some fun and present to you the first of several Nats trivia quizzes I've got in the works for this hiatus. This one, naturally, is about opening day.

Here are 20 trivia questions about the 15 opening days in Nationals history (2005-19). Answers are at the bottom, so be careful not to scroll too far down if you don't want to know yet.


1. What is the Nationals' all-time record on opening day?

2. What opponent have the Nationals faced the most on opening day?

3. Which non-NL East opponents have they faced?

4. Which Nationals have homered on opening day?

5. Who's the only player to hit a walk-off homer on opening day?

6. What pitcher has made the most opening day starts?

7. What opposing pitcher has started twice against the Nationals on opening day?

8. Name the 12 players who have batted leadoff for the Nationals on opening day.

9. What position has had the most different opening day starters? (Bonus: Name all the players.)

10. What's the most pitches anyone has thrown on opening day?

11. How many opening day games have gone to extra innings?

12. What's the most lopsided Nats win on opening day?

13. What's the most lopsided Nats loss on opening day?

14. Which Nationals opening days have sitting U.S. presidents attended?

15. Name the 25 members of the 2019 opening day roster.

16. Name the 25 members of the 2005 opening day roster.

17. Who's the only Nationals player to start at three different positions on opening day?

18. What's the warmest opening day in Nationals history?

19. What's the coldest opening day in Nationals history?

20. How many times has the Nationals' opening day game been rained out?

1. 7-8

2. Mets and Marlins (four times each)

3. Cubs (2012) and Reds (2018)

4. Bryce Harper (5), Adam Lind, Daniel Murphy, Adam LaRoche, Anthony Rendon, Adam Dunn, Ryan Zimmerman, Terrmel Sledge

5. Ryan Zimmerman (2008)

6. Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg (four times each)

7. Ricky Nolasco (2009, 2013)

8. Brad Wilkerson, Brandon Watson, Felipe Lopez, Cristian Guzman, Lastings Milledge, Nyjer Morgan, Ian Desmond (twice), Denard Span (twice), Michael A. Taylor, Ben Revere, Trea Turner, Adam Eaton (twice)

9. Left field (13) BONUS: Terrmel Sledge, Alfonso Soriano, Ryan Church, Elijah Dukes, Adam Dunn, Josh Willingham, Michael Morse, Mark DeRosa, Bryce Harper, Tyler Moore, Jayson Werth, Adam Eaton, Juan Soto

10. 113 (Liván Hernández, 2006)

11. 2 (2014: 9-7 win in 10 at Mets, 2016: 4-3 win in 10 at Braves)

12. 2 runs in 2013 (2-0 over Marlins), 2014 (9-7 over Mets), 2017 (4-2 over Marlins), 2018 (2-0 over Reds)

13. 10 runs in 2010 (11-1 to Phillies)

14. 2008 (George W. Bush) and 2010 (Barack Obama)

15. Matt Adams, Kyle Barraclough, Patrick Corbin, Wilmer Difo, Sean Doolittle, Brian Dozier, Adam Eaton, Yan Gomes, Matt Grace, Jeremy Hellickson, Justin Miller, Jake Noll, Anthony Rendon, Victor Robles, Trevor Rosenthal, Aníbal Sánchez, Max Scherzer, Tony Sipp, Juan Soto, Andrew Stevenson, Stephen Strasburg, Wander Suero, Kurt Suzuki, Trea Turner, Ryan Zimmerman

16. Luis Ayala, Gary Bennett, Tony Blanco, Jamey Carroll, Vinny Castilla, Ryan Church, Chad Cordero, Wil Cordero, J.J. Davis, Zach Day, Joey Eischen, Jose Guillen, Cristian Guzman, Liván Hernández, Joe Horgan, Nick Johnson, Esteban Loaiza, Tomo Ohka, Antonio Osuna, John Patterson, Brian Schneider, Terrmel Sledge, Jose Vidro, T.J. Tucker, Brad Wilkerson

17. Adam Eaton (center field in 2017, left field in 2018, right field in 2019)

18. 2009 (90 degrees in Miami)

19. 2011 (41 degrees in D.C.)

20. Once (2018 in Cincinnati. It was made up the next day, a scheduled off-day.)

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