New season, new site

I'm sure you've noticed by now that has received a face lift in the wake of the new baseball season. We've made a lot of changes - but hopefully ones that will make things easier and more enjoyable for you, the readers. Along with the new look, we've updated the system we use to publish entries, which won't mean a lot of changes to the articles from your side, but if you're looking for your answer in the comments section of this week's 'Where in the Yard?' you won't find it for this round. I only point this out as a heads up and with the disclaimer that I still have access to your comments and answers. I still know who knows the Yard like the back of their hand. And you can still expect some standings later today, as I'll award a second winner from the offseason so we can start with a new slate going into the 2010 season. Also worth noting, but unrelated to the changes here on, don't miss Wired Wednesday with Dave Trembley and Kevin Millwood during tonight's game broadcast on MASN. I think you can listen up for Trembley in the top of the third and Millwood at the bottom of the fifth. Hope you were able to enjoy Opening Day (even with the loss there at the bitter end), and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of you at Oriole Park for the home opener on Friday!
Interleague play has lost its luster
Millwood talks about his start

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