Not expecting big news today

I sure could be wrong, but I don't expect any grand announcements today about Dave Trembley. I am guessing, without any inside info, that he will be the manager Tuesday vs. Oakland and losing two of three to Washington should not change anything. But, moving forward, here are some moves I would like to see the Orioles make. Some that can happen sooner and others are more big-picture items. *Move David Hernandez to the bullpen. I think he has a future possibly in late relief but for now (pending Simon's availability) maybe he should be used to pitch two or three-inning stints two times a week, sometimes three times. He can impact more games that way. I think he could adapt easily to a relief role. *Call up Chris Tillman or Jake Arrieta for the rotation. At some point, both deserve a shot. They are both throwing well now and neither is being rushed at this point. *Either make a bigger commitment to international scouting or scrap it. To this point the O's have put their toe in the water and waded in the shallow end. If you can't jump in the deep end with big boys maybe the O's should put the bulk of their dollars into amateur scouting. Right now, the O's just don't seem to have enough scouts for the job here. Either add to it or don't expect much on the international front. *Make sure the O's minor leaguers do a good job with plate discipline, situational hitting and working the count. I have seen evidence of the O's getting better here in the minors and the emphasis on it must be strong. The O's are not good on these fronts at the Major League level. Their best prospects simply must be good in these areas. *Push the starting pitchers more at the higher levels of the minors. If they keep taking pitchers out of the game after 90 or 100 pitches at Double or Triple-A, how can they be expected to go deep at Baltimore. Jake Arrieta has thrown over 100 pitches just twice in nine starts and Chris Tillman just four times. They don't need a workhorse pace like Kevin Millwood but we need the young guys to learn how to get deep into a game and push themselves pass that 100 pitch mark.

So, what's going on today?
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