Not Manny, but one Boras client signs (Taillon signs)

Maybe Scott Boras is working his way up the first-round ladder. He is the representative for four players in the first-round that were unsigned to start today, including O's pick shortstop Manny Machado. Tonight, there are reports that one of his players, outfielder Gary Brown of Cal-State Fullerton, taken 24th overall by the Giants, has agreed to terms. It's reported to be a deal worth 1.45 million. Boras also represents the seventh overall pick, pitcher Matt Harvey who was taken by the Mets, Machado and the draft's top pick., Bryce Harper, taken by the Nats. If he works his way up from the bottom so to speak, Harvey will be on tap next, then Machado, then Harper. No real information is coming out right now about where the O's stand with Machado at this hour. Buster Olney of ESPN has said "the big question around baseball is whether the Orioles can sign Machado. He could wind up going to junior college if he doesn't sign with the Orioles." Here is the ESPN video where he talks mostly about Harper, but references Machado also. Reports out of Pittsburgh say the Pirates have come to terms with high school pitcher Jameson Taillon, taken second, one pick ahead of Machado. This report says he got over five million.

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