Number 9, Number 9 (w/Koji update)

I usually throw a fit when a pitcher walks the No. 9 hitter, but Jeremy Guthrie reminded us tonight that there's a more unforgivable transgression. You don't let Randy Winn hit a three-run homer. Winn had no homers and no RBIs before tonight, but he unloaded on Guthrie in the fourth inning to break a 1-1 tie. His average has soared to .133, matching his on-base percentage. You Winn some, you lose some. And Guthrie's going to lose this one unless the Orioles can rally against CC Sabathia. I fully expect Cesar Izturis to hit a grand slam off him. Down on the farm, Triple-A Norfolk's Chris Tillman has allowed two runs and eight hits in five innings, with two walks and three strikeouts. He's thrown 92 pitches, 60 for strikes. Update: Koji Uehara replaced Tillman and pitched the sixth inning, allowing one hit and striking out one. He threw 12 of his 14 pitches for strikes. The Orioles will check on Uehara over the next few days and decide whether to activate him. The numbers suggest that he's ready.

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