Orioles and Adam Jones will no longer celebrate with pies to the face

Adam Jones delivered some tough news to Orioles fans over the weekend: He and the team will no longer celebrate wins by giving pies to the face.

The reason being to the discontinuation of the recent tradition is safety related, not wanting to risk injuring a teammate with the aggressive nature of the celebration. Understandable, but the news still comes as a bummer for Birdland.

Jones still wishes to continue his relationship with Dangerously Delicious Pies, who became the supplier of the pies for the celebration over the past couple of seasons. He is also looking for new ideas on how to celebrate wins at Camden Yards in 2016.

Pantsing is a funny idea, but probably won't go over well, especially on a television broadcast. But I like where your head's at, No. 10.

Relive some of the best pie moments as we say goodbye to the fan-favorite tradition.

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