Orioles and DreamLarge unveil Buck O'Neil mural in Sarasota

SARASOTA, Fla. -- July 21, 2022 --  DreamLarge was honored to unveil a new mural in the Rosemary Art & Design District (RADD) on Thursday morning, honoring the powerful legacy of John “Buck” O’Neil, an iconic baseball legend and historical figure from Newtown. This larger-than-life mural came as part of the Gilbert Mural Initiative, which celebrates and preserves the people and history of the Rosemary District.

O’Neil is celebrated for being the first African American coach in Major League Baseball and one of the most talented first basemen in Negro League history. This mural highlights his legacy and serves as a reminder of his efforts in seeking equality in baseball for African Americans.

At the unveiling, a number of community figues spoke on behalf of O’Neil and his legacy. Anand Pallegar, Founder of DreamLarge and RADD, emphasized the importance of the Gilbert Mural Initiative in telling the stories of the people who shaped the history of Sarasota.

Walter Gilbert, a fourth-generation Sarasotan, told the story of O’Neil’s beginnings in Sarasota, from his early days as a player for the Sarasota Tigers, to the journey he went through in the segregated South.

Roxie Jerde, CEO and President of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, shared the story of when she met Buck, and spoke on how his character and heart shone through with everyone he met.

Brian Roberts, Orioles’ Hall of Famer and Ambassador, reminisced on the impact Buck had not only on Major League baseball, but on himself as a player. He spoke about Buck’s determination and mantra to “dream big.”

City Manager, Marlon Brown, addressed the importance of furthering the arts, preserving the historic figures of Sarasota, and honoring the path they paved for future generations.

For any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.dreamlarge.org for more information and to RSVP.

About RADD
RADD (Rosemary Art & Design District) began as an initiative of DreamLarge with a group of community-centric creatives who held the desire to further the Rosemary District through the strategic application of creativity + design. RADD’s mission is to advance the Rosemary District as the Art & Design District of Sarasota, while preserving the deep, cultural history of Overtown. For more information visit www.rosemarydistrict.org

About Gilbert Mural Initiative

The Gilbert Mural Initiative (GMI) is a multi-year initiative spearheaded by RADD to celebrate and preserve the history of The Rosemary District, while advancing its position as the emerging art and design district of Sarasota. For more information visit www.rosemarydistrict.org/gilbert-mural-initiative.

About DreamLarge

DreamLarge is a changemaking organization. As the first registered benefit corporation on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we work to inspire, impact and enrich the local community by cultivating, shaping, and transforming it through engagement, activation, and the arts. Our vision is simple: We're dedicated to fostering a greater future for generations to come. We partner, plan, invest, and strive towards building a better community. Why? At the heart of our being, we truly believe in one thing. This sentiment is our guiding light and the cornerstone of everything we do: Wherever we are, whatever we do, we have a duty to serve our community. For more information, visit www.dreamlarge.org.

About The Orioles

In the 12 years since the Orioles moved Major League Spring Training operations to Sarasota, more than one million fans have enjoyed Orioles baseball at Ed Smith Stadium. In addition, the Orioles host a myriad of special events throughout the year – including youth sports tournaments, arts and entertainment programs, and charitable activations – helping to generate more than $545 million in economic impact on the state of Florida since 2015. By marketing Sarasota to fans in the Mid-Atlantic region, operating a year-round athletic training facility, producing entertainment and sporting events, partnering with charitable causes, and hosting and often subsidizing youth sports tournaments and activities, the Orioles demonstrate an abiding commitment to their Florida home that goes far beyond baseball. For details, visit Orioles.com/Sarasota.

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