Orioles won't offer Koji arbitration (and coaches are done)

The Orioles have decided not to offer arbitration to reliever Koji Uehara, and they're leaning toward the same outcome with starter Kevin Millwood. The club can still negotiate with both pitchers and attempt to re-sign them at a later date. Part of this process for the Orioles is figuring out whether a player will decline the offer, which would allow the club to receive a draft pick as compensation. That would be the ideal solution with Millwood, rather than have him accept it and earn more than the Orioles want to pay him. However, I'm told that they'll probably decide against offering arbitration once they speak with agent Scott Boras. Uehara will test the market and seek out a multi-year deal. The Orioles want to retain him, but there are concerns about his injury history. Coaching update: A team source has confirmed that Willie Randolph will serve as bench coach next season, with John Russell coaching third base. The Orioles are expected to send out an announcement later tonight. Randolph and Russell join Jim Presley (hitting), Mark Connor (pitching), Wayne Kirby (first base) and Rick Adair (bullpen) on an entirely new staff. Update II: The Orioles just sent out the release. Gary Allenson will manage Triple-A Norfolk next season.

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