Pie's tantrum on tape

Video of Felix Pie's meltdown in a Dominican Winter League game is surfacing all over the place, so I may as well join the party and post it here, in case you've missed it. Pie was called out at first base on a pickoff and had to be restrained by an Estrellas coach as he attempted to jump into the umpire's chest and take up residence. As tantrum's go, this one is an instant classic. A rumor spread that Pie had attacked the umpire, which isn't quite true. He never made contact. But boy, did he try.

Sidney Ponson had the exact same reaction on Thursday after being told that the pumpkin pie was gone. Did you know that Pie batted .322 at Camden Yards and .223 on the road? Or that he hit .319 with four doubles, three triples and a home run with runners in scoring position? Now he just needs to stay healthy, which continues to be a challenge, and work on those anger management issues.

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