Re-visiting that Arrieta story

I wanted to re-visit a story today that I wrote back on Sunday. I think some people saw it but it got lost a bit in the shuffle on a day the O's won to sweep the Red Sox. It is about the possibility of the Orioles bringing one of their top pitching prospects, like Jake Arrieta, to the Majors and using him in relief. Here is the story. Please understand: I think the chances that Arrieta comes here to work out of the pen are a longshot. But I asked Dave Trembley if the Orioles have even thought about the possibility and he said they have. Those of us a little older remember that's how it used to happen. A pitcher would come to the Majors and learn the ropes out of the bullpen at first. In 1975 and '76, Mike Flanagan made 22 appearances for the Orioles, 11 out of the pen. In 1977 Scott McGregor pitched 29 times for the Orioles, just five as a starter. That was how the O's and many teams did business then. So, in relation to Arrieta and other prospects that may follow, it's worth thinking about and discussing. Would it make any sense to have these pitchers come to Baltimore in a bullpen role first?

Checking on Arrieta
Looking back, looking ahead

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