Reacting to the Trembley news

Leading up to Dave Trembley's dismissal, you probably heard every reason in the book for both sides of the coin: Trembley should be fired or he shouldn't. Now that he has been relieved of his managerial duties with the O's and Juan Samuel has been named the interim manager, O's fans chimed in (via Twitter) with their two cents on the move. Check out what other fans think about Dave Trembley's firing and add your thoughts (on Trembley, Samuel, or MacPhail's comments during the press conference today) using the comment box below. Also don't forget that if you missed today's press conference, which was aired live on MASN, we'll have it for you, along with additional exclusive video, in our Media Lounge this afternoon. @LegendCB5: I'm upset, I wish they could have done better for him. I understand that the change had to be made though. @bblande: Losing may not have been DT's fault, but he definitely wasn't doing anything to get more wins. @Baysoxfan120: the timing stinks. If it needed to be done, it should have been done at the end of the season! @heathirmarie: Dave was a class act. I get that a change was needed though. I don't think anything will change results wise though. @fearthenoodle: Nice guy, but long overdue. @nickneagle: sad but we knew it would happen with the miserable season so far. Too much blame for managers to me. @Icesixpack: it is about time, he should have never made it to spring training, he tries to be buddies with his players not a boss @FiremanDaveHitt: I hope this move helps them, Os need all help they can get now @sparxx: it should have happened a month ago.... @2131andBeyond: As much as I believe that a lot of the losses this season were not his fault, it comes down to being his responsibility. @BMoreBirdsNest: Good first step. Next on the hot seat? Andy MacPhail. @kt1000: not a fan of Trembley's managing style, but it is sad to see a man's dream come to an end. @mojo25: In #Orioles concerns dept - manager issue is a distant second to regression of Wieters and Jones this year. Distant second. @andrewbarlup: I'm a big Trembley fan, but everyone knows, if a team isn't performing well, the manager is the one who gets the blame. @browsermetrics: i was thinking "why wasn't the Crow also shown the door? Isn't this really a problem with mcphails plan?" @ortrader: Sad to see him go...I really liked him as a person... I wish him well...I think his downfall was he was just too nice. @karks88: Too little, too late for this season but getting a new manager is definitely the right move.

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