Reynolds vs. Bartlett

The bad part about cooking up a steak for dinner yesterday is I don't have any leftovers this morning. Cold stuffing is one of my favorites. I hope everyone has recovered from their food binge and enjoyed their time with family and friends. If your ears are chilled, it's from sticking your head in the refrigerator one too many times. I've been there, done that. I loved the cranberry stories that were passed along to me yesterday. We could have run a white meat/dark meat poll. Dump enough gravy on it and it really doesn't matter to me. I think the white meat is healthier, which really doesn't come into play when you're filling your plate for the 12th time. That ship has already sailed. Any stuffed celery fans out there? I'm talking loads of cream cheese, a little paprika sprinkled on top. I could set records for consumption in a single day. A reader asked whether I preferred a trade that would bring Jason Bartlett or Mark Reynolds. The assumption is that reliever David Hernandez would be involved in both. The Rays reportedly asked about Bartlett, and the Diamondbacks desperately need to upgrade their bullpen. Plus, Hernandez is a popular subject among rival executives. I like Bartlett and wouldn't mind having him in the lineup next season. He's not Cesar Izturis with the glove, but he's hardly a stiff. And he'd provide more offense. Unfortunately, he's also a free agent after the 2011 season. I'm not a big fan of one-year rentals when you haven't won in 13 years, and when it could cost you a young power arm. The Orioles are considering Reynolds for third base, and it's not like they're sorting through a huge pile of quality choices. I won't post the free-agent list again. It'll just increase your indigestion. They're not giving Adrian Beltre five years and the money that he's seeking. And the market for big bats at the hot corner leaves me cold - sort of like the stuffing that I'm craving. A trade seems like the only real solution while the Orioles wait for Josh Bell to take the next step and earn the everyday job. Reynolds strikes out too much. His average makes Carlos Pena blush. He's not without faults. But he hits home runs and could offer protection in the lineup. He'd most certainly fill a need. So, in conclusion, I'd take Reynolds if I had to choose between the two players. And if I'm running the show, I'm spending big on a first baseman. If he flops - and pick any name out there - at least I made a bold move and took my chances. It's up to the player to produce. And the franchise won't fold if it doesn't get a suitable return on its investment. Paul Konerko doesn't want to come here, especially as his career winds down. Victor Martinez is off the board, and considering his preference to catch, he probably wasn't a realistic option anyway. And how much do you want to overspend for Victor Martinez? I thought he'd be a great addition, but we're not talking Mark Teixeira here. Not with the bat and not with the glove. And I bet Martinez wore a Tigers cap while attending Orioles games as a kid. Adam Dunn is out there. I can hear his glove clanking. Pena would be a significant upgrade despite his puny average. And I'm sure we'd hear how Jim Presley could fix him. Trade for a third baseman. Get Bell on a conditioning program and work on reducing his strikeouts. Spend big on a first baseman. I can live with the rotation as it's currently set, with all of its internal candidates, if the offense is beefed up. Oh yeah, and re-sign Koji. Again, it's up to the players to produce. Just put better ones on the field.

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