Roberts talks about Showalter

One of the biggest curiosities among fans and media is how spring training could change under manager Buck Showalter's guidance. I've never spent seven weeks with him in Florida or Arizona, so I'm not qualified to say. He's built a reputation as a no-nonsense guy, but it's not like the other managers hung piñatas on the backstops and used their stopwatches for potato sack races. Second baseman Brian Roberts was asked at FanFest whether he anticipated a different climate with Showalter. "I'm sure there will be changes, but I don't think that in-game managerial style is going to change," he said. "Certainly, spring training will be a little different. We haven't experienced a spring training with him yet, so I think there will certainly be differences. "Every manger brings their new ideas and experiences to that, but he's a pretty laid-back guy. He's intense when he needs to be, but in general there's no panic, there's no uptightness. Just go out there and play the game hard and play the game the right way. "He's always prepared, so I don't think anything ever sneaks up on him to where he needs to feel uptight or intense about things." I'm really shifting topics here, but has anyone seen the play "Jersey Boys?" Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie gave it a strong recommendation earlier today, and I've heard only good things about it.

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