Roberts will play tomorrow

Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts will make his first spring start tomorrow night against the Minnesota Twins. Brian_Roberts_Batting.jpg Manager Dave Trembley isn't certain how long Roberts will play or how many at-bats he'll receive. Trembley also must decide whether to play Roberts in consecutive games or give him Saturday off. "The only thing I'm saying today is he's going to play tomorrow," Trembley said. "It's been kind of a little bit of a hectic day for us with the meetings. I'd like to look at it a little closer, the schedule, and take it one day at a time with him. I don't want to get too far ahead with him and come out and say he's going to play the next three or four days in a row. What I'm saying today is he's going to play tomorrow, and we'll see where we're at." Also, Koji Uehara played catch from 120 feet today. The next update will come tomorrow. Trembley said the club was doing Jake Arrieta a "disservice" by keeping him in the major league camp when the right-hander only totaled five innings. "He's going to pitch, I believe, on Friday. Get his pitch count up," Trembley said. "Great worker, special talent, very good arm, but we've run out of innings for him here and he needs to go pitch in the minor leagues. Great upside. Very good work ethic. He knows how to compete. I just told him in a nutshell that he just needs experience. That's all he needs."
The Arrieta Up There
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