Roster move still likely at some point

Manager Dave Trembley left open the possibility that the Orioles will make a roster move before the homestand ends on May 18. I'd classify it more as a probability. And I don't think the wait will be particularly long. "Today, there weren't any changes, but I wouldn't rule that out during the homestand," Trembley said. "I'm sure Andy (MacPhail), like myself, is looking for the offense to get it started. Obviously, tonight is a tough chore going against (Cliff) Lee, but it would be a good time to get untracked and start scoring some runs. "I'd say as we go through this homestand, that possibility does exist." He meant the roster move, but scoring runs also would be nice. The Orioles are hitting indoors today because of the rain, which continues to fall as the tarp covers the infield. A few players are running outside, but most of them have remained in the clubhouse.

Minor notes
Tonight's lineups; Lebron surgery

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