Should there be any mild concern about Millwood?

Kevin Millwood gave up a two-run homer in the first inning tonight to Nick Swisher. It's the fourth game in a row where Millwood has been scored on in the first inning after he pitched shutout ball in the opening inning of his first nine starts. Maybe it's time for some mild concern over Millwood. In his last two starts, he gave up 10 ER and 16 hits over 11 2/3, including four homers. Then some balls were hit very hard off him in that opening inning tonight. In six starts from April 21 to May 18, Millwood went seven innings or more four times and eight innings three times. He's been carrying a pretty heavy load and for the most part, holding up well to it. But is that heavy load catching up to him a bit now or was he just due to be off his game a little bit after pitching so well for so long? He has thrown 109 pitches or more in eight of his first 12 starts of this season. Maybe the lack of run support is finally getting to him. The Orioles have scored just 18 runs while he has been in the game over his 12 starts. How can any pitcher deal with that over the long haul? Phil Hughes, starting tonight for New York, has gotten a whopping 8.2 runs of support per every nine innings this year. Coupled that with his solid pitching and no wonder he is 7-1, 2.54. Wonder how Millwood could do with all that offense?

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