Slow go on Sano right now

When it comes to the Orioles and Dominican shortstop Miguel Angel Sano, two things remain pretty clear at this point. The O's still are very interested in pursuing Sano, who is an international free agent. But, like every other team in the Majors right now, that pursuit is in a holding pattern as the clubs await the results of MLB's investigation to determine if Sano is, in fact, 16 years old. A report surfaced over the weekend that MLB had completed its investigation and was about to announce that Sano is 16. That report proved false. The investigation is not yet complete and all the teams, Baltimore included, still don't know if Sano is 16. It's believed that O's owner Peter Angelos would approve Sano getting a big signing bonus from the club. John Stockstill, the O's Director of International Scouting, is in the Dominican now working on several projects. We can assume tracking any news on Sano is near the top of his list. One industry source predicted it would be a month or more before any team signs Sano. The Orioles have put Sano through two workouts. One was a private, three-day workout at the Birds' facility in the Dominican. The Orioles, Pirates and Twins have been listed as teams with great interest in the right-handed hitter. But O's sources feel several more teams will surface to pursue the free agent, especially if he is found to be 16. The results of the MLB investigation could be reported later this week.

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