Special draft day coverage

Don't think I've written every draft story from my notebook yet. There is even more on the way. Later today or tonight, I'll post more thoughts on what the O's might do with the third overall pick in round one on Monday night. Check out my blog and MASNSports.com during the day Monday for updates and special coverage. Monday at 1 p.m. I'll host a special live video chat with the Orioles Adam Jones. We'll talk with Adam about many aspects of his game and his career and you will be able to watch live and send in questions. Monday at 3 p.m., I'll host a special draft-day podcast, broadcasting live from the Warehouse. That's the warehouse, not the draft room, we only have so much pull here. But this will basically be a call-in show for O's fans and draft followers to call in with questions and opinions. Many of you that have written in often to my blog, can call in live and I hope to hear from many of you. (Not to confuse you, but actually some of our draft-day "radio type" coverage could begin a little earlier, possibly around 2pm, so be checking in then as well). I also hope to line up some great guests to provide insight and analysis. It will be a fun and long day of draft talk and coverage right here. Spread the word and hope you join me often on Monday.

Bell day-to-day
Detwiler rehab start Wednesday at Potomac

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