Staying up late with the Orioles, I think (with in game updates)

OK, no promises, but for now the plan is to stay up late (or is that early?) and watch tonight's entire Orioles game. No, I don't need my head examined. It comes with the job. Plus, I am a late-night and not an early morning person. If the game began at 7 a.m, I'd plan to miss a few innings. It will hold my interest well into tonight and tomorrow if Chris Tillman pitches well, or the game is close throughout or if the O's offense breaks out (stop laughing). Plus I know Buster Posey from my days as a broadcaster of Florida State baseball. I'll try not to root for him but he is not someone you can root against if you've ever met him, believe me. Just a great young man and deserving of whatever success comes his way. It looks like a lot will. Plus we need to see if the O's will end an eight-game road losing streak or homer for just the third time in the last ten games. Or if an O's starter will get a win for just the second time in 18 games. Or if, well, you get the point. If Aubrey Huff homers twice (like he did yesterday) I'll probably switch to Leno. But I'll at least check the boxscore every now and then. I want to at least make it to the end of the game to check radio and make sure Tom and Dave are still awake then check on Jim and Rick on O's Xtra postgame. Then I'll either turn in or rush out to last call. Most likely, it will be turning in. If you are still reading, first of all thanks. Secondly, please send in some questions or comments on the O's (or O's minor leagues) right here tonight, starting now through the game. I'll check the comments often and post replies and also check for four-letter words. Steve, out. But I'll be back. I am back. By the way, check out this article where Bobby Valentine confirms meeting with Orioles. He does not however, shed much light about his interest level in the job or where the talks stand with him. In-game updates ----- Final score - Giants 10, Orioles 2 Well, that's that. Another loss, 14 earned runs vs. O's starters the last two days and a 17-47 record. Giants eighth: Not that it matters much since this game was lost early, but wouldn't this have been the perfect game to get Alfredo Simon an inning? I wonder why he didn't pitch in this game. Maybe the pitches he threw yesterday didn't allow him to come back tonight, I guess. Bobby Valentine speaks: If you click on the article on Valentine I have linked above they now have a 9:00 interview clip with Valentine on the Michael Kay radio show. He did say at the outset he would "reserve comment (on the O's)," but then he did make a few comments. Among the things he said was, paraphrasing here: "I like challenges." "The owner is an interesting character. He said their previous manager was a real nice guy. And you, he asked me? I said 'Peter I don't think either one of us would be called that, but we have other redeeming qualities." In listening to the interview, I don't get a sense of whether he really wants this job here or not. Giants sixth: Did the O's get another bad call? Gary and Jim on MASN said the ball Wigginton hit for a double should have been ruled a homer. If hit the green awning above the brick fence and that is supposed to be a homer. It would have ended a 19-game homerless run for Wiggy. Giants third: Tillman is out already. Berken has come on. Velocity down, ERA up, not a good combination. I am going to call this a disastrous outing for him. But just give the ball to him again five days from now. It's time to let him pitch at this level over time and find out if he's in or out of the O's future. Top of three: New strategy. In an attempt to get the Giants over confident for this entire series, the O's spot San Fran a 6-1 lead. Oh my gosh, did you see that blown call on the Tejada "double play." Apparently the umpiring is just as bad in the "senior circuit." That was as bad a call as I've seen all year. Giants second: There goes another one out off Tillman. If he keeps throwing everything belt high, he won't last long tonight. Belt high and middle teed it up for Burrell. Now it's 3-1 and Tillman is throwing batting practice. O's second: Matt Wieters just ended a 102-at bat homerless stretch. He crushed a 3-2 pitch to the left of center to tie the game 1-1. It was his fifth homer of the year and first since May 5th at New York. Good to see him drive the ball like that.

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