Taking advantage of Toronto's mistake (w-update)

The Orioles came up with three straight hits with two outs in the sixth inning today to take a 2-1 lead at Toronto. They took advantage of a mental error by Blue Jays left fielder Fred Lewis. First, Cesar Izturis hit a two-out double to right and Julio Lugo singled to left to tie the game, 1-1. On Lugo's single, Lewis made the wrong decision and threw home where he had no chance to get Izturis. His throw was not only well off line, but missed the cutoff man allowing Lugo to run to second base. When Nick Markakis followed with a single to left, the O's had the lead and Lewis' mistake cost his team big time. We have seen mistakes, physical and mental miscues, cost the O's all year. I guess it is interesting to note they aren't the only team making them and they can take advantage of a gift. Why a player at the Major League level would throw home from well out in left field on that play, I do not know. That was obvious there was no play at home. Update: From the "all you can do is laugh" department, Aaron Hill just crushed Tillman's first pitch of the 6th, a belt-high fastball, to tie the game, 2-2. The O's at least had the lead during the commercial break.

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