Taking rain delay questions (game set to resume soon)

UPDATE - The rain has been gone for quite a whille at Camden Yards. One problem here now is standing water, plenty of it, in each dugout. The drainage system seems to have been overloaded or something and there is more water on the field and certainly in the dugouts than after the usual rain delay. We'll keep you posted on this. Looks like I've now got a few minutes on my hands in the press box. Just like the other night, if you want to send in any rain delay questions, write them in on this blog right now!!! By the way, if the game got rained out now, the O's would win 2-1 on that Cesar Izturis RBI triple in the last of the 5th. If the visiting team has had five at bats, the home team can win by taking the lead in four and a fraction innings. In other words, they don't have to complete the last of the fifth.

Strange night for Tillman
Play has resumed at Camden Yards

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