Taking the pulse of the fans

Now that free agency is here, it's time to find out what the fans think. At least those of you that will read this blog today. Pick one of these listed below that you feel best represents how you feel the club will do this winter in an attempt to fill some holes and improve the club. Feel free to explain more about why you answered how you did. Feel free to select "other" if none listed below characterize your feelings and tell us what thoughts you do have on the team. A: The O's will acquire at least one competent middle-of-the-order bat through free agency. B: The O's will sufficiently fill their openings at 1B and 3B this winter through free agency, trades, or some combination. C: The O's will at least make a big money offer to one of the top free agents, either Lee, Crawford, Werth or Beltre. D: The O's will shock the baseball world and sign either Lee, Crawford, Werth or Beltre. E: They won't even be in the hunt for a top free agent. F: The O's will be involved in a deal where they give up a young pitcher or pitchers. G: The O's will fill 1B and 3B with stop-gap type talent. H: The O's will resign Garrett Atkins and Miguel Tejada and make another run at it with that pair. I: When next March arrives, the O's will have made almost no quality moves. J: The O's won't make any moves saying they need to spend more time putting together their coaching staff. K: Other.
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