Talking about Machado in the O's clubhouse

O's outfielder Adam Jones can't quite relate to all the hype and attention that O's first-round pick Manny Machado has gotten. Jones was a high draft pick, but not like Machado. Jones was a supplemental first round pick, taken 37th overall by Seattle in 2003. "I was never as highly touted as him. I was the end of the first round," Jones said. "He's drawing comparisons to A-Rod and all that stuff. I think it's stupid when scouts and all that compare people to other people. If he's good, just say he's good, let him be his own person and hopefully he becomes his own person in the big leagues." But with a $5.25 million dollar bonus comes added press coverage, fan attention and pressure for Machado. Won't it be hard for him to be his "own person?" "It's all about the person. If he goes out and plays the game and doesn't live into the hype, he'll be fine. If he goes out and tries to be something he's not, then that's when everybody gets in trouble." Jones was asked if since he dealt with less hype than Machado, if that helped him as he embarked on his minor league career and maybe he could kind of blend in with the other players. Something that figures to be almost impossible for Machado, you would think. "I don't really care and never listened to it. I never cared. I don't read about myself, I just want to go play. That's all I ever did and ever do. "I wish the best for him, hope to see him up here," Jones said.

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