Talking with and about Zach Britton

As lefty Zach Britton gets ready to make his major league debut today, I am reminded of the fact that Britton has been written about an awful lot on my blog over the last few months. He has always been available for interviews and there are plenty of others that I have interviewed to get their opinions about the 23-year-old prospect. Just about a week ago, I interviewed ESPN's Tim Kurkjian and got his thoughts about Britton. In a February interview, Baseball America's Jim Callis said Britton is ready for the majors. Back in January, Britton talked about getting ready for big league spring training and making a run at a spot in the starting rotation. In a November interview, Norfolk pitching coach Mike Griffin talked about working with Britton last summer with the Tides. It was also last November when Britton told me he had switched agents and joined forces with Scott Boras. In this article from last September, 2010 Bowie manager Brad Komminsk provided some thoughts on Britton and Joe Mahoney on the day the pair were named as the top pitcher and player in the O's minors for the season. How about your take: What is your opinion on the O's decision to call up Britton now and how do you think he will do today vs. Tampa?

Scott update and today's lineup
Some stats & facts from the first two games

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