Tejada talks about his error in the 8th

When a team is going bad sometimes it looks like every mistake they make will cost them. Today, the Orioles first error of the year led to three unearned runs in the 8th that propelled Toronto to a 5-2 win. No one felt worse than third baseman Miguel Tejada when, with two outs in the 8th, a John McDonald grounder to his left took a tricky hop at the last moment and went for an error. Back-to-back homers vs. Kevin Millwood followed and the Jays came from 2-1 behind to lead 4-2. "I wish I could catch that ball," Tejada said " Everyone watching the game saw what happened with that ball. I'm the only one that could make the play. The ball came up from the glove. "I waited and the ball just came up at the last minute. I asked Juan and he told me I was in the right position. The ball just came up. I've been playing great third base, but this is tough. I just made an error. "Even Longoria, who won a Gold Glove last year can make an error. Everyone makes errors. That's an error anyone could make." Tejada felt badly that it led to the runs that spoiled Millwood's strong start. "It's a great game he pitched. I'm really sorry what just happened. I wish I could catch the ball and he could have the game. There's nothing I can do now, just come back strong tomorrow. "We would love to be in another situation. Right now these are tough times. We've played hard, like we started the game today. We need to turn it up and start a winning streak tomorrow." The O's 1-5 start is the club's worst since beginning 1-5 in 2002.

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