That's Scott as in hot (bat)

So what is the deal with Luke Scott? How can one player be looking so bad one day and a few days later be one of the hottest hitters in the game? The only thing that is consistent with his swing is its inconsistency. Scott was hitting just .177 after his first 24 games and had just one multi-hit game in that time. But over his last 11 games he is hitting .488 with seven multi-hit games. He had 14 hits in his first 24 games and has now 20 hits in his last 11 games. He averaged one RBI every 9.9 at bats through 24 games but now has averaged an RBI every 3.4 at bats in 11 games since May 8th. Less than two weeks ago, some fans thought Scott should be sent down to Triple-A to find his stroke. Now he can hit any pitcher in any at bat. Scott, 2010 season: First 24 games: .177-3-8....14 for 79 at bats.....1 multi-hit game.....8 extra-base hits. Last 11 games: .488-6-12....20 for 41 at bats....7 multi-hit games....9 extra-base hits. Right before this torrid stretch of hitting, Scott had just one hit in his last 19 at bats. No one knows, least of all it seems Luke himself, why he gets hot or why he struggles so badly at times. Do you have a theory of why Luke Scott's bat runs so hot and cold and what do you think of a player with such amazing swings with his statistics?

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