The Buck really stops here

In his final post-game media session for 2010, manager Buck Showalter was asked when he'd start getting itchy for spring training. "Probably a couple hours," he replied. Spring training tends to make me itchy, but I digress... Showalter met briefly with his players before heading to the interview room. "Like I told the players, you need to get away from it," he said. "We're so close to it every day. It's right there in your face every day. Sometimes, you've got to back off and take a breath and look at things realistically. I've been very fortunate to have some players who helped, who played real well while I was here. Pitched better. And like I said before, I think the same thing would have happened regardless. They've had an impact. We hope it continues." Showalter also talked about Brad Bergesen, who reported to spring training with a sore shoulder, returned to the minors and finished the year strong. "Bergy pitched well, well enough to win a baseball game," Showalter said. "He'll win his share like that. And some of the trials and growth spurts he's had back and forth, to get to the point where he has his ERA under 5.00. I think is pretty impressive."

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Bergy and Nick talk about the regular season final...

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