The long and shortstop of it

It's with great joy that I can finally proclaim, without fear of contradiction or late signing, that the ship has sailed on Miguel Tejada. Nothing against Tejada, but I wasn't ready for another reunion. How can I miss him if he doesn't leave? He's gone, having reportedly agreed to a one-year, $6.5 million deal with the Giants last night. I didn't think the Orioles would re-sign him to play third base, but at least that temptation has been removed. And all that fuss over Ryan Theriot turned out to be wasted energy, since the Dodgers traded him to the Cardinals rather than non-tender him. The Cardinals also were interested in Tejada, but that know. I predicted a long time ago that the Orioles would re-sign Cesar Izturis, one of manager Buck Showalter's favorites. It could still happen, but the club is seeking an offensive boost at the position and will continue to talk trade at the winter meetings. J.J. Hardy might have moved ahead of Jason Bartlett, who reportedly is close to being dealt by the Rays. A big bat in the middle of the lineup remains the No. 1 priority, whether it's a first baseman or third baseman, but the Orioles also need to figure out who will be their shortstop on Opening Day. As I've said before, I'll gladly take Izturis' glove if the Orioles can beef up the lineup. Still waiting... Meanwhile, I'm about to venture out into the pouring rain to drive my daughter and her friends to school and get the tire replaced that blew out on 695 last night. And the rim that I rode on until finally making it to a Shell station on 40. Good to know my luck hasn't changed.

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