The O's between innings: Palmer Edition

Back on St. Patrick's Day, I posted two of the many Orioles commercials I came across on YouTube. The first was a look back to 1994, and the second involved a look ahead with the "This is Where" commercial highlighting the promise of the O's cache of young talent. This time around, I'll point you to a pair of endorsements from former Oriole, Hall of Famer and current MASN broadcaster Jim Palmer. I'll never forget my dad asking me once when I was a kid, "You know who Jim Palmer is, right?" Of course I did, but for fun, I replied, "The Money Store guy, right?" My dad looked mildly crushed and launched into an account of Palmer's accomplishments on the mound for the Orioles, flatly refusing to let me get away with fruitless attempts to tell him it was only a lame joke. But maybe you remember Palmer's Money Store endorsement as well...
And since we're looking back at Palmer's days on TV outside of MASN and the O's, check out this Brylcream ad he starred in as well...
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