The Wieters factor (plus minors note)

It's becoming clear that Matt Wieters is much more comfortable behind the plate this year and is doing his job, as a catcher, of taking charge of the pitching staff. Dave Trembley discussed Wieters during his pre-game press briefing today. "There is not too much shaking (off) going on out there," he said. That means Wieters is putting down a sign for the pitch and his pitchers are trusting what he calls. It's still a little different with Kevin Millwood. He's been around long enough and calls his own game out there. Wieters continues to learn more about him each outing as they work together. "Wieters is just so much more relaxed this year. There is a look of confidence about him," Trembley said. "It's great for me," Wieters said of working with Millwood. "I can gain experience from him and divert that to the other younger pitchers when they are out there. Kevin comes into every hitter with a plan. He knows his game and what pitches he wants to go to." Some may be surprised Wieters started today with a day game after a night game. Perhaps the fact it's so early in the season coupled with the fact that Brian Roberts is out of the lineup helped keep Wieters in there today. Wieters, who is 0 for 2 today, is 7 for 20 on the year to date with a homer and two RBI. Craig Tatum's debut as an O's starter will have to wait. In the minors this afternoon, Scott Moore hit his first homer of the year for Norfolk vs. Durham. That is the 100th homer of his minor league career. Brandon Waring, who led all O's farmhands in home runs last year, has hit his first of 2010 today for Bowie vs. Richmond.

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