Ticket increase and FanFest reminder

Yes, it's true that the Orioles are raising non-prime single-game ticket prices at Camden Yards for the second time since 2003. You can go to www.orioles.com and get the breakdown of the prices. Though math isn't my strong suit, the average increase for 2011 works out to $3 a ticket. The left field upper-reserve seats still can be purchased for $9, and the cost for season-tickets remains the same. Otherwise, you'll have to dig a little deeper. The average price for non-prime, advance-purchase tickets will be around $23.50. The Orioles say that the major-league average last year was $27. The Orioles are aware that any increase after 13 straight losing seasons will be unpopular, to say the least, as fans grow more frustrated with the product on the field. If you get what you pay for, winning more games would seem to be a requirement. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. "We know that no one ever wants to pay more for anything, but we believe that an average increase of $3 a ticket, which still keeps the average Orioles ticket price at or below the league average, and the lowest in the region, will not negatively impact ticket sales," said Greg Bader, the club's director of communications. "There are more than just on-the-field factors that determine your ticket prices. It's not just success on the field, though that's part of it." In 2000, the average price for season tickets was $19.50. Today, it's $23.50. The Orioles will still offer the usual bargain nights, student discounts, Junior Orioles discounts and the 2110 Eutaw St. promotion. Any questions about tickets should be directed at the Orioles. As I always say, it's not my department. I'm just passing along some information. I do know that renovations at Camden Yards have decreased capacity from 48,290 to 45,971, though I don't cover construction news, either. As for FanFest. I'm told that autograph vouchers for the Jan. 29 event at the Baltimore Convention Center should be purchased in advance because six sessions have sold out. You'll need to check www.orioles.com/fanfest to find out which ones. One final FanFest note: Zach Britton has been added to the list of players attending FanFest next Saturday. He has also been added to the 12:40 p.m. time slot at Autograph Station No. 2, taking the place of Troy Patton, who is now unable to attend.

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