To bunt or not to bunt

Sometimes when a team is struggling to score runs they have to do unconventional things. In the American League, that could include a sac bunt in the second inning of a game. You don't see it often. Maybe the Orioles should have dropped one there tonight. They had runners on first and second vs. Matt Garza with no outs in the bottom of the second. Number seven hitter Garrett Atkins did not bunt. Instead he swung away and hit into a 6-4-3 double play. It was a bit of a rally killer. I'm sure many of you would say bunt and might have been screaming that at your radio or TV at the time. It's easy to say he should have bunted after the fact. I can see why they didn't bunt there for several reasons: *Too early in the game to do it. *Lugo and Izturis were the next hitters. The best chance of getting something done there was probably to have Atkins swing away. *Atkins may be a poor bunter. *Maybe the O's were playing for (praying for) a big inning. *Maybe you can get to Garza early and this was the big chance. To bunt or not to bunt. We know the O's are not a great team advancing runners, at least they weren't last year. They didn't in the second inning tonight and I understand why. If the hitting slump continues, that could be another story sooner than later.
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