Trembley gets Wiggy with it.

Manager Dave Trembley was prepared to live without Brian Roberts as his second baseman once president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail told him "it was no longer days, it was going to be weeks." That meant finding a new second baseman and leadoff hitter. Just not the same person. Ty Wigginton remains at second, and there's no reason to move him, considering he began today batting .324 with eight homers, 14 RBIs and a .721 slugging percentage. And Trembley seems intent on keeping Adam Jones atop the order. "I'm not going to tinker with it," Trembley said, "because I couldn't tell you when B-Robs going to come back." Jones singled again in the first inning, and his average has crept up to .241. Wigginton was hit by a Josh Beckett pitch in the first. That's one way to keep him from homering. "He's taken advantage of his opportunities and he's just wanted to get his at-bats," Trembley said. "He's from the old school. He says he understands the way the game is. 'If I hit, I play. If I don't play, I don't deserve to be in the lineup.' That's the way it is with him, that's the way he wants it, and boy, he's certainly gotten some very big hits and solidified himself as one of the main guys who you feel is going to get quality at-bats every game. "We'd really be behind the 8 ball if he wasn't in there." They're already behind the Rays, Yankees, Blue Jays and Red Sox. That's more than enough. "He's really picked up a lot of the slack," Trembley said. Wigginton was supposed to be the backup corner infielder, but he's been fine with the glove at second. "If you talk to Wiggy, he'll tell you a ground ball's a ground ball," Trembley said. "He's pretty good on the pivot. He gets to balls, he makes the routine play. That's all you really want. You're not looking for the highlight reel. He's been steady." What's his best position? "Hit," Trembley replied.

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